Everyday, I am drawing someone a free cartoon for a better world:


Make a choice.

Download the cartoon of the candidate you believe in most:
Bernie Sanders, CARTOONIZED!
Bernie Sanders Democratic Party DOWNLOAD

Donald Trump, CARTOONIZED!
Donald Trump Republican Party DOWNLOAD

Hillary Clinton, CARTOONIZED!
Hillary Clinton Democratic Party DOWNLOAD

Ted Cruz Republican Party DOWNLOAD


Show your support.

Change your Facebook profile picture to the cartoon that you chose:
James Flint with a cartoonized Donald Trump profile picture
William Vita with a cartoonized Bernie Sanders profile picture
Nate Sharkey with a cartoonized Ted Cruz profile picture


Your turn.

Go to my Facebook page, and post your picture on my Timeline: Post your image on my Newsfeed to join and get a cartoon of yourself for free! Say anything!
Make sure that your image is CLEAR, FACING FORWARD, and includes your FULL FACE AND HAIR:
Justin Bieber selfie
Justin Bieber proper picture
Picture of girl facing left
Picture of girl facing forward
If you win, then you have a new profile photo from me:
Justin Bieber, CARTOONIZED!
Winner, cartoonized for free! YAY!
Can I join everyday? Of course! I choose 1 person to cartoonize everyday for free. If you don't get chosen today, you can try again tomorrow. :) How can I increase my chances of winning? Well, I can tell you how to NOT get chosen! If you don't follow the photo instructions on this page, your post will be ignored and will not be considered for the free cartoon.
If I win, how will I know? I will reply to your post with a link to where you can download your cartoon. I will also be posting the winner for the day on my Facebook Timeline everyday. I want to get a cartoon now. What to do? For that, you can visit my website's homepage and click on the giant CARTOONIZE ME button to learn more.