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Hey there, TheCartoonist here!

If you have a special cartoon request - for instance, if there's a specific cartoon style which you want me to copy for you, or if you have a logo idea which you think I can do for you, feel free to send me an email at:
request@thecartoonist.me Don't forget to include the details of your request (picture to be cartoonized, cartoon style to be copied, logo details, etc.). I promise to get back to you as soon as possible with a free quotation for my cartoon services. Below is a gallery of some of my previous work. You may click on them to enlarge:
Caricature of girl as her favorite superhero
Hannah Barbera style caricature
Gorillaz cartoon style
Family Guy cartoon style
Full Body caricature
Premium style caricature
Pencil Sketch
Half-body vector cartoon
Cartoonized Marriage Proposal 1
Cartoonized Marriage Proposal 2
Cartoonized Marriage Proposal 3
Cartoonized Marriage Proposal 4
Cartoonized pets!
Cartoonized pets!
Cartoonized pets!
Cartoonized pets!
Wedding Cartoon
Couple Cartoon
Group Cartoon
Family Cartoon
How will I receive my quote? You will receive it via the email address you provide me. What kind of other cartoon styles do you offer? I pretty much can replicate any other cartoon style of choice given enough pictures in which I can copy the preferred style. I don’t guarantee exact replicas though but I do my best to improve on it! What is your usual turnaround time for cartoon requests? Within 24 hours I can give you a reply via email based on your request and with enough information provide a quote. Usually cartoon requests can be completed within 4 – 7 days, longer depending on the client’s response time and requirements. What is the file type of your output? Usually I only provide high resolution PNG files to most clients that have specific needs. But for those with cartoonizing experience or need specialized files, those can be arranged depending on my capacity to fulfill them.
How do you complete payment? After a quote that is agreed upon by both TheCartoonist and the client, I will be sending a PayPal invoice for the entire amount. Once that is settled, I will begin creating the client's cartoon. Expect delivery within the aforementioned time of completion. When do you start working on the request? As soon as the payment has been paid and I have confirmed the payment. What’s your policy on revisions? I offer unlimited revisions on any work I complete for you, within reasonable limits. After a week of inactivity I will consider a request with you completed and no more revisions shall be offered for free. I reserve the right to cancel my revision policy if I feel that you are abusing my extra service. Is tipping required? No! I don’t believe this is necessary as any costs on my part are already covered. However, if you feel you should then I’m in no position to stop you!