Me :)

Hi. My name is TheCartoonist!

I am a passionate artist, and my calling is to spread love and light in this world through my art. Check me out on social media:

The Artist's Manifesto

I believe that in order for an artist to do great art, an artist should, above all else, be honest with himself or herself. Here's a letter I wrote to the artists of the world: READ MY LETTER
To all the artists,

Anyway... So, what do I do?

Here's a clue:
Bob Marley
Tony Clifton
John Green
Taylor Swift
Kendall Jenner
Clementine Kruczynski

Yes, I make cartoons... REALLY FAST! As in, 24 hours fast!

Just one day.

That is my guarantee! You will receive your cartoon from me in 24 hours or less. Of course, on some days wherein I get too much cartoon requests for me to draw, I will let you know ASAP if there will be a slight delay. But yes, 24 hours. One day.

One Day, One Direction

I also make sure that they are HIGH RESOLUTION.

Because Steve Jobs said so.

All cartoons from me are done in high resolution, 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch), super clear versions. They are clear enough to be used for printing on shirts, tarpaulins, logos, posters, and any other promotional materials.

Retina Display

And I draw them all by hand WITH LOVE!

Just like old times.

With the intention of making you smile, each cartoon I give you is completely drawn by hand. I make sure that you get the best cartoon from the picture that you give me. <3

My idol: Walt Disney

Join the club!

"I love my cartoon soooooo much ♥" - Ashley, United States
"A lot of laughs at the office... when they saw this sticker on my desk" - Sameed, United Kingdom
"My son can't get enough of it!" - Susan, United States
"The BF thought it was really sweet" - Becky, Australia


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