TheCartoonist Hey homie, you can call me Sam. I am a caricature artist, and I'd love to draw you. I like collecting weird things like broken plastic forks and empty ballpens. My friends say I look like Zhang Ziyi. Welcome to my blog site!

Samantha Li (a.k.a. TheCartoonist ^__^)
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Read about people's lives, loves, hopes, dreams, and secrets-- things that can only be said here.

Tabitha Smith No no, this is not Tabitha

"Hi The Cartoonist, I am just a huge fan of Jason David Frank, and wanted this picture to get cartoonized! Thanks!"

Ayaan Shah Wisdom of The Young

"The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind. I can see my childhood through my lil tiger again."

#23: Wil Wheaton A Real Character

I remember Wil as one of the young actors in the film adaptation of Stephen King's The Body-- 'Stand by Me'. It was coincidental I stumbled upon his Twitter one day and I found it really funny! He is now into so many things now such as voice acting, writing, and comedy. He's a geek like me. ^__^

#22: Sarah Hudson Peer Through Her Lens

Sarah is a singer, songwriter, and all around artist. As a young girl, she had pictures with Cher. Cool. I love her. <3

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